What the left is doing to American culture

Something I have been trying to tell people

Last segment of Rush’s show today

RUSH: Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Amy, thank you for calling, thanks for waiting, you’re next on the EIB Network.  Hello.  Open Line Friday.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  How are you today?

RUSH:  Ehhhhhhhh, I’m okay.  I’m muddling through here.

CALLER:  I listened to your show earlier this week and you came out with some statements about Obamacare which is going to start allowing for women to have free access to birth control, and you came out against it.  Now, my question for kind of just the Republican general in general I’m trying to reconcile is how can they be against birth control and abortion, yet at the same time be against raising children on welfare and having to pay for that debt to society our entire lives and filling our prison systems, and how do you reconcile this?

RUSH:  I don’t think the two have anything to do with one another.  You asked first off: Against raising children on welfare.  This is a cultural thing.  It has to do with the best way to raise kids.  Single parent families, single-mother children just don’t have a chance in this country.  It’s statistically documented.  What happened? Why do these people’s fathers — or mothers, in that case — run off?  You know, our problem is not that the government doesn’t help out.  The government has become the missing parent.  The government has become the parents, and does not inculcate any values.  The kids in this country that have no chance are the kids being cared for by government because their families have grown apart.CALLER:  Rush, I agree with not raising them on welfare but then how can you oppose — be opposed to women getting free birth control which would prevent theme women, these children from being born?RUSH: (sigh)  You’re asking me…? Do you really want me to sit here and say I’m in favor of abortion so we don’t have welfare?CALLER:  Uhhh, in favor of birth control to prevent welfare.RUSH:  No, no.  No, no.  You’re trying to maneuver me in some abortion question.  Of course the government has no business providing birth control! The government has no business encouraging the activity that leads to the cultural rot that is really responsible for all of these destroyed lives.  The government is the reason that all of this is wrong.  The government needs to get out of it.  Churches used to do this.  There was never welfare in this country before the mid-1930s.  How did people get along?  How did women get along without health care and birth control.  They did it with family and churches, but all that’s broken down. All that’s laughed at and impugned and made fun of now.

Now the government has to do it or else it’s not legitimate.  The government, as an entity — because it doesn’t care about anything about how those people vote — is destroying the opportunity that people in those financial circumstances have under the guise of compassion and saving them; and a lot of us are just fed up with it.  Not because of the money it’s costing, primarily, but because the human cost.  We love people.  We want the best for everybody! This is the greatest country ever devised by mankind, with the blessings of God, and we are in the process — and have been for 50 plus years — of ripping it apart, ripping the foundational building blocks of this country apart, and we wonder why certain people, kids, end up as they do?

The guardrails are gone from our society.  There’s nobody around to tell ’em they’re wrong. There’s nobody around to love them. There’s nobody around to care about them, nobody around to give them high expectations. No! We’re worried about whether or not the mother is gonna get an RU-486 pill the next day as she runs around and abandons HER responsibility, to HER self and culture and society.  There’s no contradictions here.  It all makes sense if you just broom the prejudice and the bias that you’ve been taught (A, about conservatives), and start thinking of people in purely human terms, there is no way you can look at what the welfare state has wrought and say that there’s anything about it that is worth financing further.

Because all it’s doing is producing people who vote Democrat, with a false promise that they’re gonna be cared for, the false promise that they’re going to have prosperity, the false promise that whoever is discriminating against them is gonna get theirs; they’re gonna get taken care of. It turns out that all these promises have been made for 50 years, and these people been hearing the same promises for 50 years, and they’re still complaining about the same broken promises for 50 years. Yet they keep voting the same way.  It’s utter insanity.  Now, you’re talking to somebody who wants the best for everybody.  You’re talking to somebody who wants everybody to be able to access the opportunities for economic opportunity, education, whatever.
This is the best place on this planet there has ever been for humanity to be born.  The greatest gift a human being in this world has is to be born in America, to be born in the United States.  It’s not going to be true very much longer if we keep treating people we claim to have compassion for the way we’re treating them, if we look at them first and foremost as political tools.  “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna make sure she gets an RU-486 pill! She’ll vote for me! Women’s rights, abortion rights, yeah! That’s what we’re for!” No.  What about the concern for life, quality of life, the sanctity of life? There are people that have that, and they used to be those that people turned to when times got tough.  They’re called church, they’re called family.  But the left’s busted up families and the left is busting up churches, or trying to.(sigh) I ought to get sick more often.BREAK TRANSCRIPTRUSH:  I’ll tell you where that last call came from. Here’s a story on CNN which broke the news: “According to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius the decision [we’re gonna demand that the insurance companies provide birth control for free] is a part of the Affordable Care Act’s move to ‘stop problems before they start,'” which is exactly my point! Babies are “problems,” and Obamacare is gonna stop ’em! How’s Obamacare going to stop problems? We’re gonna give out free abortion and morning after pills — and by the way, we’re gonna demand that the insurance companies provide birth control for free.  Now, my attitude is real simple: Is there a problem in this country getting birth control?  Is there a problem getting birth control pills or devices?  There’s not, is there?  Now it’s a right for which we all have to pay?  My attitude is: If you want to abort your baby, you go get your own pill — and if you want your own birth control, you go get your own condom or whatever device you want to use and you pay for it.  They are in plentiful supply.  The rest of society does not need to subsidize your behavior.

Rush just always says what we think better than we ourselves do😉

Rob Davis

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