The Relationship Between a Man and Woman

I have been troubled a long time by this, it seems that sex has become a base physical act, rather than the sacred, spiritual, and intimate act, that God meant it to be. You look at the product that sometimes comes from the act, and you can see just how special and sacred it was meant to be. We humans are not animals, nor should we act like we are. God set us apart and set us above the animals. He expects much more from us than He does from them. Therefore do not give me the argument, that we are no different from any other species, because we are! We are not mere animals, and He does make that distinction in His Word. While we can have intimacy, without sex, we should never have sex without intimacy. Intimacy is the touches, looks, actions, deeds, etc. that come as a result of the love we feel in our hearts and souls for someone. Without love, you can never have intimacy, without intimacy, you should never have sex!

Not Thrown Away

Not Thrown Away

Intimacy, is also, much more special, than a mere sexual act, to gratify our base lusts or emotions. Intimacy, involves a connection between two peoples hearts, indeed, even more than that, it involves a connection with ones entire being. The intimacy should be there, long before any sexual act ever occurs. Why are so many people unhappy, and unsatisfied today in their relationships and lives? It is because we have lost, the true meaning of what it means to be intimate with others. We can be intimate with friends in many different ways, that do not involve any physical contact at all. We connect with our hearts, our spirits, our beings, we do this in various ways, those ways always involve the heart and spirit, they rarely involve a physical touch, although we may express that intimacy thru a kiss, hug, even a pat on the back or a handshake. We do it with words, with deeds, and with getting our love, one to another. There are many ways to express that love, that do not involve a sexual act.

The sexual act, God gave us to procreate another life, just think about that, life is the most precious gift of all. Do you really think that God, would give us something that creates something so precious as a child, if the act that created them, was not something to revere, hold sacred, above every other physical act that we perform? I think not, the sexual act, is the culmination of all the intimate touches, the love, and every other feeling, that goes into the relationship between a man and woman. It was meant to be so much more, than just an act of physical gratification. It was meant, to be something that took place out of love between a man and wife. It was meant, to bring about another life, that life, which was the product of the love. Love is so much more than a sexual act, you can love someone, without having any kind of sexual relationship, you can love someone without ever touching them physically at all.

Intimacy involves quiet walks on the beach, holding hands, sitting on a porch swing, simple things, with that one special person God has put in your life. You can be intimate without ever speaking a word. You can, communicate your love for someone, without ever speaking a word. Yet you can also perform the sexual act, without ever expressing any kind of love. It really does sadden me, that in society today, most of us have lost that sense of intimacy. The sexual act seems to have taken precedence, over the loving, sacred, spiritual intimacy, that the act itself, was meant to be the culmination of.

In today’s fast paced society we rarely take the time, to experience that intimacy that we as humans, were meant to have with our spouse. Not just with our spouse, but with each other. Is it any wonder that so many are unhappy and unsatisfied in their relationships, and go elsewhere to find that happiness and satisfaction that eludes them, only to be dissatisfied again, with each new experience? That is why we as humans, were meant to be with that one special person that makes us a whole. Why is it that so many people are in such a hurry, to find that next person to try love with? They are never satisfied, because we have lost the sense of intimacy, and how special a relationship between a man and woman is really meant to be. It used to be a thrill, just to hold hands, now there is not even a real thrill, in the sexual act with most people, it is just something else they do, to feel good for a short span of time. It takes intimacy, loving touches, looks, etc. to really feel good in a relationship all the time. It is so much more than sex, even the act of sexual foreplay should be done with reverence, for what is sacred and spiritual in a relationship. I hope and pray, that we can get back that sense of intimacy, and what the relationship between a man and woman was meant to be. Our souls crave that intimacy and love, it is only our bodies and minds that crave the physical act.

Why do you think it has become so easy, for people to destroy the life, that is created by the simple sexual act, by having abortions? It is because we have lost, what is spiritual and sacred in our relationships. Until we get that back, I am afraid we are doomed to failure in everything. God I pray, help us get that back, which we have lost in the “me” generation, the sexual revolution, and the immediate gratification that has become society. We need to take things slower, enjoy them more, and be more richly blessed, satisfied and gratified with everything, and everyone in our lives, in the process. I hope once again to touch you all, with my heart, with my spirit, and with my words. I hope to encourage, uplift and help us get back. that which we have lost through our neglect, of the things that truly are the most important things in our lives, whether we are willing to admit it, see it, or even acknowledge the problems exist in some instances.

God help us, God bless you all, and thank God and his Son for their mercy, grace, and patience with us all.

Thank you.

by Tea Party Patriot, lover of Jesus and Proud Hobbit, R. Davis, 2011

10 thoughts on “The Relationship Between a Man and Woman

  1. While I do not necessarily agree with everything you have written here because of major ideological differences, I did really appreciate your view of intimacy and how we have lost sight of being intimate with one another. I definitely had to quote and link back to this post. Thanks for bringing up something most people take for granted.


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