What Thanksgiving Means To Me

God our Father in Heaven, we give you praise, honor, and gratitude on this day, set aside to give thanks to you, for your many, manifold, and bountiful blessings on America and we, the people of America.

Today let us take the time out of our busy lives to truly give you the glory, to reflect, and out of hearts full of grace and gratitude, to give you the thankfulness you fully deserve. Not only for what you do today, but for all you have done in the past, with the righteous expectation you will fulfill all that you have promised.

Thank you for the blessings of liberty and freedom we have enjoyed in America, because of the conviction and faith of those who have gone before us, and those who served and fought for these noble ideals.

Thank you for friends and family that we all hold dear.

Thank you for my parents, grandparents and others who you gave me, and put in my path, that helped me to see you, and helped me to understand what I needed to, at the most important times in my life.

Thank you for my best friend and brother, who is truly the best. I love him dearly.

Thank you for the beautiful and lovely woman in my life, who I love more than words can say. So very thankful to you after so many years,,,She is as you well knew, perfect in every way for me. Happy anniversary my love, how truly appropriate this day of all days.

Thank you Lord for my son, who continues to impress me with his love for you and for the truth. Thank you that you allowed me to raise him with a dedication to you, and a love for this land you have blessed us with so grandly. I couldn’t ask for a better boy, than my son Danny.

I must thank you again Lord, for my wonderful parents, grand parents, and great grand parents, and all those that have passed on. Your blessings on my life continue to completely overwhelm me.

Thank you for all the things you do, known and unknown, both good and bad, that helped me to be the person I am today.

Thank you for all your blessings, especially those I never see, because of my limited sight, hearing, understanding and knowledge.

Thank you for all the prayers you answered, whether the outcome was what I asked for or not, you always know what is best for us. Thank you for giving me what I need, instead of what I want. You are truly all wise, wonderful and good.

Thank you most of all for your Son Jesus, who loves us all, more than we will ever understand as long as we are limited by our human understanding. I pray I could show people the love that he has shown to me, allowed me to feel, and somehow convey it to them, so they are able to feel and see it also. Thank you Jesus, if I had all the rest of time, spoke a thousand tongues, I could never thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Thinking of just a few things, how can I EVER Thank You enough, it is impossible, my heart is overwhelmed. Be it for good or ill, I will stand with Jesus.

Thank you for the mercy you have shown America because of those who dedicated their lives to you, thereby sharing the blessings you heaped on America with the rest of us, who failed, to always follow the path that you laid before us, and carelessly neglected to give you the honor, praise, and glory you are due. Help us always to be mindful of you.

Thank you for the beauty that surrounds us daily in our lives, in all that you created, that cannot hide the loving touch of your hand, and the love you have for all mankind. Help us to truly have eyes to see your beauty and love always in nature, to hear your praise in the song of a bird, to see your majesty in the heavens, to see your delicate and loving touch on the petal of a flower, to find the beauty in all things, at all times. Amen.

The Wisdom and Love of God as Shown by His Creation by Noah Webster

2 thoughts on “What Thanksgiving Means To Me

    • Thank you mom, you’re the best, touches me that you took the time and trouble to leave a comment,,,,love you



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