Constitutional-RepublicWe establish the Republic. It is the government that most needs the continued inspiration and benediction of God; for if the reason of the people should be obscured or misled, there is no longer a sovereign. Then comes an inter-regnum, anarchy, death.

In order that a government may be durable, and worthy of the sanction of religion, it must contain a principle that is true, that is divine, that is best adapted to the welfare of the many. Without this, the Constitution is a dead letter. It is nothing more than a collection of laws. It is without soul. It no longer lives. It no longer produces fruit.

The new principle of the Republic is political equality among all classes of citizens. This principle has for its exponent, universal suffrage; for its result, the sovereignty of all; for its moral consequence, fraternity among all. We reign according to the full measure of our reason, of our intelligence, of our virtue. We are all sovereigns over ourselves, and of the Republic. But to draft a Constitution, and to swear to it, is not all: a people is needed to execute it.

republicCitizens! All progress requires effort. Every effort is painful, and attended with painful embarrassments. Political transformations are laborious. The people are the artificers of their own future. Let them reflect upon that. The future awaits, and observes them. Shame upon the cowards who would draw back! Prudence belongs to, the inconsiderate who would precipitate society into the unknown!

Glory be to the good, to the wise, to the persevering! May God be with them!

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8 thoughts on “A REPUBLIC! A LIVING BREATHING CONSTITUTION DEFINED! by Alphonse De Lamartine 1790-1869

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