The Reason Behind Low Congressional Approval Ratings “Far Too Long”


Attention Congress & Elected Government Officials: When the people we elect to fix the problems of governmental abuse of the citizenry (for decades now) continually refuse to address those issues and be more concerned with their re-elections than in doing what is right for America, it’s veterans and it’s citizenry. It is getting U.S. closer and closer to the 2nd Revolution that many seem to be hoping for, including those in government who seem to want the same. It would be wise if you in Congress who we give the power of the purse and of legislation, work to scale back the bureaucracy and the power they weld and use to abuse We The People. Do not mistake this for a threat or a call to any drastic measures by we the American people. I am not writing this to stir up strife, division, hatred, or anything of such manner. I and others like me do not stir the pot, it is our government who has been stirring it for far too long, and our congress and courts failing to do anything about it. This is simply a friendly piece of advice from an American son and father with his ear to the ground, who is praying we can fix these problems before it is too late and hoping it is not too late already. As we can see with recent events, more and more people are getting fed up with the abuse, corruption, malfeasance, cronyism and treason we have been experiencing from our governmental bureaucracies for far too long.

It’s easy to see why the Congress of the United States have such low approval ratings. Our elected officials in Congress seem to be inept and clueless in regards to the American people and their plight. While you have bi-partisan bickering going on over issues that are only important to those in Washington D.C. and their political aspirations, the Federal Government and the bureaucracies that it involves are escaping unharmed and unaccountable for the abuse they have meted out to the citizenry for far too long, under far too many presidential administrations.

Thomas Paine quote Politicians

Barack Obama is not the first president to preside over the alphabet soup agencies that go to make up the federal bureaucracy, he is only the latest in a long line of them since at least Richard Nixon, a republican who was also a progressive. I would argue it was long before his time as president that it started, but since he presided over the institution of the EPA, I will begin with him.

Obama is also not the first president to utterly fail to faithfully enforce the law when it comes to immigration. The GOP and the Democrats have both unlawfully ruled against the American peoples interest in this. Both parties have listened to everyone, other than those people whose votes mean nothing once the politicians are elected. This is shown on the latest deal with the presidents illegal amnesty, I knew the Congress would fail to address it with the new majority.The immigration system was never “broken”, it was just our politicians refused to enforce the laws that exist!

It doesn’t matter what the people who elected the politicians want, it doesn’t matter what is good for the American people, it only matters what the lobbyists, big money players, the US Chamber of Commerce, and other special interests want.

The members elected to Congress never listen to the voters who put them there, it only matters what the political pundits and consultants say, the voters are too dumb to know why the voters elected a certain politician or group of politicians. No, the politicians cannot ask the people who elected them directly why they voted for them, they need paid political consultants to tell us voters why we elected them.

Far too many politicians these days seem to think it is more important for we the people to listen to them, than it is for the politicians to listen to us!

This new Congress couldn’t even get Keystone pipeline accomplished. The only time Congress ever accomplishes anything is when they join together to pass more legislation that is harmful to the American people and the government bureaucracy can use to force more onerous regulations on us that further stifles our liberty, the economy, and fundamental principles of the Republic.

I’m not going to go into a long list or details about the individual instances of this abuse, most of you that care about it and pay attention know the many stories, those of you who don’t, the stories are easily found on the internet through search engines and on youtube. I will mention some of the latest such as the NSA spying, the IRS targeting of conservatives, the EPA abuses that happen on a regular basis, the case of Justina Pelletier in Massachusetts, the Fast and Furious scandal that took place during two presidential administrations, the list is long and it is growing by leaps and bounds under the current administration. Add the latest and most egregious abuse, the abuse that has led to the deaths of veterans who depended on the VA and the bureaucracy that serves them, it is all adding up.

It is clear that Congress has failed for far too long to address the abuses by the federal government and the bureaucracy has gotten far too out of hand. It’s members it seems, have been involved in the bureaucracy far too long, to be effective in their representation of the people’s and liberties interests. If this Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate cannot refrain from only having bi-partisan agreement on issues, laws and regulations that only do further harm to the American people and their liberties, then it is time we the people replace them all with those, who still have more than just a foothold in the communities they are elected to serve!

It is time for Congress to get off their fancy derrieres, put aside their politics and bickering, and get back to the work we the people have elected them to do. They need to not only reign in the alphabet soup agencies, that go to make up the federal bureaucracy, they need to eliminate them. They are the monsters of Congress’s creation, and it is up to Congress to correct the mistakes of their past. It is time they repeal these regulations, and pass laws that outright ban these agencies from making more, the more regulations they create, the more onerous they become, and it leads the agencies involved to abuse their power with more and more impunity and aggression towards the citizens, Congress people are elected to represent. It is time for the malfeasance and abuse of power to end!

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