You Obama Voters Deserve What You Get!

All I can say is: If the people of America elect this degenerate, incompetent, again, who knows nothing about running a business, a government or anything else. Who has been nothing but a community organizer which amounts more to a community antagonizer.

Who was also an unaccomplished State Senator: Voting present more often than not. Who voted 4 times to let an aborted baby die, who survived the abortion procedure. Who heard the testimony of a nurse who found one of these same babies in a broom closet and held it in her arms till it died. This national disgrace called Barack Obama.

Who is now hiding behind a woman’s skirt on Benghazi. Who she herself must suffer from battered woman’s syndrome. as shown by her taking the blame for Obama. Also by her standing by Bill and protecting him in the Monica mess.

Who has never accomplished anything outside of academia, and who knows if he actually accomplished anything there, because he has never gave the public access to his college transcripts. This same academia who promoted him because of his race, who are just as leftist radical as he is!

Then the incompetent voters of America deserve what they get!!

Reprobate Democrats talk about the “War On Women” number one, who is letting the “WOMAN” take the blame for Benghazi! Number two: The Democrats have been waging a “War On Babies” for decades now!

Just wait till his obamacare taxes, agenda 21, small arms treaty with the U.N. start being implemented, the list is endless! Of course there’s a good chance republicans will let the democrats get away with blaming that on them too, just as they did the housing and financial mess.

Too bad they have to drag down the rest of America with them!!!