My experience with Social Media and background


I grew up in what people call a very religious family. I grew up without a television, by the time I was 12, I had read more books than most people will in their lifetimes.  There is not a Utopia on this earth, nor will there ever be, especially one created by man! Even the Garden of Eden was not a Utopia, as the leftist like to think they could create, especially with their views on Jesus, Adam and Eve i.e. humanity brought in sin. Where there are humans with their free will and sin, there will never be paradise. By the way, living together as man and wife without being married, used to be called “Original Sin”. As my mother has always said “It was not, the apple in the tree, it was the green pair [Adam & Eve] on the ground.”

I did not start out on social media to do what I have ended up doing, since being here. See, for those who have not known me since I first started on these Social networking sites, I actually only got on here, to be able to check out the Harrison J Bounel page when WND wrote about it , on June 10th, this year.

I was not planning on being active on here, but I have been burning up, for so long about the condition of America, I cannot help but say so, I also have a problem, If I have something to say, and it is not a friend, who I do not want to offend or something, a lot of times even then, I do, sorry, I say it!,,;) I cannot HELP speaking my heart and mind, so I therefore created my 2nd FB profile, as I told my friends then, if I am going to be on a leftist orgs site, I am going to at least, get some advertising out of it. I started Familytrees Genealogy that is the one, the leftist’s had me blocked from posting publicly, while I AM VERY SLOW to ANGER, that anger now lies just beneath the surface, and when I hear something else about the establishment, or leftist screwing around Tea Party people, or whatever else, it causes that volcano that has built up in me to explode again, I actually put all this socialist nazi, marxis stuff together in July,Who are the Nazis in America?, I did this on the TreesDude InVictory FB page, I began when Harrison J Bounel contacted me, and told me I could start another profile called “TreesDude”, so everyone would know who I was, just by providing a different email address.

I then worked from that one until the McCain said what he did on the Senate floor, about tea party people being Hobbits, so I started Proud Hobbit page as a jab in his, and other RINOS eyes,,

I have now dedicated the Familytrees Genealogy page to just what I started it for, to get some business, now I do not have time for that, but that is okay, because I am now doing something much more important!

I have also dedicated the TreesDude InVictory page to history of evil in world as it applies to the Muslims, leftist etc, agenda. I also have 2 other pages one for Naval history and one for Revolution and American history.

I then got on twitter, simply for the tea party debate, simply as I told friends at that time, because I wanted to show support for them, because I did not want to get on twitter either. Now I see that the Lord must have been in it all, because of the way it has built so quickly, I had even told my mom last year that I was thinking about starting a blog simply for my religious views, because I had some things to say about that, I wanted to see if people would listen. I never meant to go into both my religious AND political views. Now, I know I put out mainly political stuff, however that is where the Lord is using me now. I cannot do anything other, than what he allows me to do, or puts in my heart to do, or say, that however is how come I post both religious, or at least stuff about Jesus and God as it relates to this country. I am history “His story” and America is HIS STORY, YOU CANNOT SEPARATE THE TWO! So therefore I am sorry if you do not like my views on God and His blessed Son, intermixed with my stuff, that is who I am, that is who America is, get over it, God bless you all, and thank all of you, who are my Patriot friends! You really do touch my heart, ALL of you, you have no idea!

So you all want to know about me? stick around as you can ALL see, I do not hold things back! BTW, Jesus got angry too!!!

The shape of things is very simple to me, I see things as they are, there are no grey areas. I am generous with those I care for, sometimes overwhelming so. If I like someone I cannot do enough for them. I find it hard to let people do more for me than I do for them. I am honest to a fault, open and direct! At times my honesty makes me seem as if I am boastful, other times a jerk! I do not like head games, the only games I play are fun! I do not try to hide who I am, what I am about, nor what I think and believe! If I like you, you will know it, if I dislike you, you will most likely know that too. I do not try to hide my feelings! What you see is what you get with me, my views on things are based on my life, my experiences, my observations. I do not talk a lot, but when  I do, it is on something that I have thought on long and hard. I mainly only talk when I have something to say, that I feel is important for me to say! When I make a promise to someone I take that very seriously, if I tell you I will do something, you can bet I will do my best to accomplish it!

My mom has always told me I am too trusting,,and volunteer way to much info, I am not near as trusting as I used to be, however, I do not know if I will EVER, be able to not speak my heart! That is WHO I AM!

That is one thing about me, If I give you a compliment or something, it is because I MEAN IT!!! I have ALWAYS been that way, I do not speak idle words! As with speaking or writing, I also try to always listen with my heart also, especially if I am listening to someone I care greatly for. I’m really not a BIG small talk person either,,when I talk to people it is because I want to KNOW them, not just to talk! When I talk to someone, I think about what was said long afterward. If I do something or someone wrong, I am humble enough to admit it! I hate hurting those I care for, if I do, I do not mean to, and it hurts me usually long after they have gotten over it. I take friendship very seriously.

Sometimes I am so caught up in my own thoughts, etc. I miss those little things from people that mean so much to them, whether it be those subtle signals that they need something from me, or whether it be something I may think small or insignificant, yet means so much to them. I try very hard to be in tune to the feelings of those I care or and am close to, however, sometimes I fail miserably. When I hurt someone it is usually deeply, I’m sorry, I do not mean to. With my enemies I am cruel at times, sometimes I can also be to others. With my enemies, I do not care, with my friends it kills me.

Although I do give people a hard time sometimes and say something off the wall, it is just because I am ornery that way, and I like to make people think!!! If I like you, you can bet I will give you a hard time, however it is always out of affection.

One more thing, even my humor, is based on some element of the truth!

I also never served in the military for those who mistakenly think so by my username. As I said I never meant to socialize on social media and since I do / did genealogy I used my first great grandfathers name who came to America on my fathers side in 1607. When I went to join the Navy or Air Force when I was 18, I couldn’t pass the physical do to my back being broken when I was a child.

Hopefully I have found my niche to be of service to my country by helping to educate others to the greatness of America, her many blessings and reasons for those blessings, thereby helping to stir the flame of patriotism in both young and old.

My mission here is to defeat the lies spewed by the left in America and those who hate U.S. by providing you with the truth on many subjects from history to the present, especially the truth of the Founding  Fathers, who they were, what they thought and represented, and what was behind the foundations and founding of these United States of America. I especially hate the lies and revisionist history taught in our present age about America, her founding, and the people who God used to put in place the foundation stones of this great nation. The land of the free and home of the brave, because of the brave men who gave their lives to create and sustain the last great hope, God gave to mankind.

I like listening to my friends also, I know there are all your walls, etc. However there are not enough hours in the day for all the things a man needs to do, and tomorrow only adds more to those things.

posting the following comments because I think they are relevant to where we are today.

One of my friends posted this comment “Thank you for your continued service to Our Nation.”

My comment back: “Thank the Lord and my Forefathers, they deserve the credit, I would have been lost without their guidance!”

Same friend posted this comment: “My family roots date back pre-revolution linked to the Smart family, one of the earliest churches. So I have some strong blood running in my veins, and I try to honor it every day.”

My comment back: “,that is what we HAVE to do, it is the first commandment with promise, besides that, IT IS OUR DUTY, NOT ONLY to them but even more so, to THE LORD!!! This is HIS country, think Josephs coat of many colors = melting pot that IS America”

Another friends comment: I’m just an immigrants child – mostly. My mothers family goes back to Louis Joliet . Still, French Canadian. Still, Americans. My dad is a purple heart WW II vet. 1st gen Swedish.

My comment back: I have many Patriots who came later,,being Patriotic is not simply dependent on your ancestry. I will also say it is more based on your heritage!! Heritage = how you were brought up,what the people felt, believed, etc. that you come from, no matter how many generations they go back!

More on me and mine,,I also added the No.1 to article, because this will not be the last on me, and no, I am not into ME, like BO is, I only tell about me, to help people understand me! Where I am coming from!

The Rise and Fall of my Big Brother

Your hobbit friend and Patriot brother in arms, R. Davis, 2011

Some other funny stories

My son doesn’t like me telling these😉 He still laughs about it though, very good kid, love him with all my heart!

Another funny story, when my son was 4, my brother and I were working on a car in my front drive in Cal. my brother had a big screwdriver about 2-3 ft long, we had a big tree in the front yard, my son was hitting the tree with the screwdriver. I told him he shouldn’t be hitting the tree with the screwdriver cause he was hurting it. My son being sweet like I was when I was his age, I told him to hug the tree, tell it that he was sorry. He did, I told my brother “gives new meaning to the term tree hugger, huh?”😉

Another time we were out of state staying in a motel. He was always hassling me about going to the pool and going swimming. I was working late one night and since there was a bright light just outside the window in our room, you could not tell if it was actually dark or not outside without pulling back the curtain. About 1am I got a bright idea. I woke him up and asked him if he wanted to go swimming he was sleeping the day away and it was 1 o’clock. He fell for it, you can figure out the rest.

A little more about my son, this is one of the AMAZING things about the Lord, he is not my biological son, he is just as much or more like me though than a biological son. He is actually my ex’s, sisters boy, her sister was on drugs really bad, gave him mainly sugar water when he was a baby, so much so that his skin was actually gray when we got him. He had medical issues that we had to get taken care of, because of his mothers drug use. Eye operated on among other things, I won’t go into the long story about why he is with me instead of my exe, I’ll just say he prefers it that way, I love him, I am his father, and he doesn’t care if he ever sees my exe again.

That’s all for now, will add more of my orneriness and his as I think of them.

God bless,


P.S. another thing about adoption and the way the Lord works, doing genealogy I have met many cousins thru doing it. One that was in Okla., looking up some records here about 2-3 weeks ago, came by to meet me, mom, grandma etc., His last name was Bell, just thru adoption though, he was born a Reynolds. I have an Uncle who is a Bell, my cousin I just met looks so much like my uncle they could be brothers. He and his sister were both adopted into the same family, then they had a sibling who was the biological child of the parents, he and his adopted sister look more like the parents than the biological child does.

Isn’t it amazing how God works things out?

My Poem (read after The Love Light)

My Poem

Celtic Woman – The Voice

Celtic Woman – A New Journey – The Prayer

God and Jesus, I thank you,
For your mercy and your grace,
I worship and I praise you,
For everything you’ve done,
And I thank you for these poems.
You’re both so great and kind,
That in this wretched heart of mine,
A dwelling place you’d find.
You’re both so generous, Wondrous,
Glorious and sweet.
It’s more than I can see or know,
Just what in me is worth,
The love and attention you both show,
That love for which I thirst.
And for so very long I searched.
I had not the smallest knowledge,
It was with me all my life,
I’m sorry that I took so long to see,
That you both are here with me.
You stood by my side through the years,
I gave you so much strife.
Yet with love you both forgave me,
When I came to you in tears.
I will always be so very, very grateful,
For your love and tenderness that I feel within,
And for the joy you gave me,
When you took away my sin.
For that grace and mercy,
I want to give my all,
Please help me not to murmur or complain,
Please also forgive me when I fall.
Help me be aware,
For me the lamb was slain,
Please help me not to do a thing,
To cause him shame or pain.
And in my struggles, help me fight,
To always choose the right.
Now for you I live each day,
Please hear my humble cry,
In this my heart I pray, Amen.

R. Davis

Note: I wrote this one in response to the Lord giving me The Love Light