Obnoxious & Rude Twitter Behaviour

I haven’t been on twitter long but in the time I have been, it has come to my attention that there are some pretty obnoxious twitter users, that do not consider how they not only negatively affect others, but by doing so they also negatively affect themselves. One particular one I am thinking of  (I’ll be nice and not mention their twitter handle) this particular person likes to send links to his blog to people. He does this, not only to individuals who follow him, he also does it to people who do not follow him. Not only does he do this, but when there are a group of people chatting or Mentioning each other in a set of tweets, he will reply to that group, i.e. highjack it, adding himself and a link to his blog in with the reply. I don’t know about everyone, but most of us never even look at his blog when he does this, more out of principle and irritation than anything else. Who cares if what he has to say is even any good, just the fact that he adds himself to the original tweet that did not include him is enough, to turn us off to what he has to say. It is one thing to send a link to your blog to a group of friends, i.e. followers you converse with frequently who know you well. Doing this every great once in a while when you have something posted pertaining to a certain event, i.e. like 9-11, is not out of line. It is quite another to send links to your blog constantly, to people you never have any other exchanges with.

You also have all of these follow back people, that basically do the same thing without the blog link. If someone replies to a group of my friends that have Mentioned me and other friends in a tweet or group of tweets, where we are Mentioning each other, and says follow for follow or followback. I simply ignore them, if they keep doing it with many tweets they get blocked. It is much more effective to contact each individual that you wish to follow you on an individual basis, not the whole group, you were not even a part of in the first place!  Then when you contact the individual, you should ask them politely if they would like to follow you, if you follow them. You don’t just say follow for follow, if all your doing is looking for followers, when all you tweet about is, to ask for more followers this is also rude. Then you have those that take it even further, they ask you to follow them, say they will follow you. Then after you follow them, they either do not follow you, or they stop following you not long after you follow them.

Then you have the followers who you enjoy following, you have common interests, you enjoy the same things. Yet for whatever reason they get upset with you, they unfollow you, they do this without ever saying a word to you about it. It would be polite when this is the case, no matter how upset you are with them over something they have tweeted, that is not even an attack or anything directed at you. It would be common courtesy if you ask me, for you to contact that person, let them know you had a problem with their tweet and let them know you are unfollowing, so that whoever it is, is at least aware, so they can also unfollow you. It is pretty rude behavior, if you ask me to unfollow such a person without giving them a chance to explain, whatever infraction you think they caused you, or did you. It is downright obnoxious to unfollow them without letting them know you have done so, just so you’ll still have them as one of the statistics in your twitter follow numbers. If you do not want to contact the person, who you wish to unfollow, the very least you should do is block them, so that it will cause twitter to automatically unfollow them from you also!

Then you have those that may have the same interests, and the first time they contact you is by putting you in a list of other people they mention, never saying a word, just adding a link to their blo,g and then expect you to be nice about it. That is not a very effective way to communicate to people you have things in common with, and get them to follow you. Then you have those that that are followers of of people you follow. The person you follow sends them as part of a list of Mentions including yourself, this person who is a follower of the person you follow, replies or retweets the list however many times, could be just one. The guy I am thinking of in this particular instance, may have retweeted twice, however the only one I noticed was one, where he said something to the effect, number 5 and still no follows. If he had wanted me to follow, he should have been polite, followed me and let me then decide whether I wanted to follow him back. Normally if there is someone following me that I share common interests with, I will follow as long as the do not use the F word or have excessive cussing in their tweets. He could have also followed, and then politely brought it to my attention that he had, and ask me to consider following him back. Kindness and politeness really does, go a long way with people you have never spoken to before.

One other instance I had today, I have an female escort service in the UK following me, I have also had naked or very scantily clothed women following me. While I do not mind them following me, seeing as how they may learn something, that may turn them from the path they’re on. I do not follow them back, and I do not want to be Mentioned in any of the tweets they recommend to their followers. I had the escort service Mention me, adding also in the list another twitter account name, that I do not want to be associated with. I ignored it thinking that would be the best policy because then they usually unfollow and go away. I then had one of the trolls, that Retweet or reply those lists of Mentions, thus adding himself to the list. I then tweeted a message to the three of them “I wish people like escort agencies and the like would not mention me to their followers”, I also added directed at the one who had Retweeted, I wish they also would not Retweet the list. Well that wasn’t good enough for the troll, he responded to my tweet, without taking out the people I found offensive to my mission and beliefs. He said something to the effect that there are worse things in the world, and that he was not following any of us btw. I ignored that, and then to top it all off, he again tweeted the three of us and told us that he would follow us though, if we wanted him to. What is wrong with people these days, it shows a total lack of respect for someone else’s wishes, and no regard for what they have said. It goes to the lack of respect in all instances in today’s society, which is another thing I am going to write about when I am ready, thanks to my muse who also suggested I write this one.

Now politeness goes a long ways, I had one that turned out to be one of the sweetest Ladies on twitter that I have met, she kept on Mentioning me in lists of my friends. I did not think, from looking at her profile ,that we had anything in common so I did not respond. Then when some of my closer twitter friends started also adding her into lists of recommendations including me, I began to think, maybe she wasn’t what she seemed to be to me, by what I had read on her twitter Bio/Profile. I then, and I must say, I wasn’t near as polite as I should have been, I sent her a tweet letting her know I wasn’t into the things that she had in her Bio, but I was going to have to give her a chance. She has truly turned out to be a very sweet person with a good heart, a Lady and true friend. I even followed a person back, that we are on total opposite sides of the political spectrum, simply because of the kindness and politeness he showed me, in one tweet that he sent. Therefore when you are wanting people to follow you, it is good to think about what impression you make on a person, with that first tweet you send them, asking them to follow you.

For more on Twitter etiquette please see Vadim Lavrusk’s  10 Commandments of Twitter Etiquette

by Tea Party Patriot, lover of Jesus, God, family, friends and Country Proud Hobbit, R. Davis, 2011