LIBERTY OF THE PRESS by Senator Edward D. Baker 1811-1861

power-of-the-press The liberty of the press is the highest safeguard of all free government. Ours could not exist without it. It is like a great exulting and abounding river. It is fed by the dews of heaven, which distil their sweetest drops to form it. It gushes from the rill, as it breaks from the deep caverns of the earth. It is augmented by a thousand affluents, that dash from the mountain-top, to separate again into a thousand bounteous and irrigating streams around. On its broad bosom it bears a thousand barks. There genius spreads its purpling sail. There poetry dips its silver oar. There art, invention, discovery, science, morality, religion, may safely and securely float. It wanders through every land. It has a genial, cordial source of thought and inspiration, wherever it touches, whatever it surrounds. Upon its borders there grows every flower of grace and every fruit of truth. Sometimes that river oversteps its bounds. Sometimes that stream becomes a dangerous torrent, and destroys towns and cities upon its bank. But, without it, civilization, humanity, government, —all that makes society itself, — would disappear, and the world would return to its ancient barbarism.

“Sincerity and pure truth in every age still pass current.” ~ Montaigne

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3 thoughts on “LIBERTY OF THE PRESS by Senator Edward D. Baker 1811-1861

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