About Captain James

by Captain James Davis

I have lived many places in the USA, I am currently living in Okla where I was born. I’m not much really, just a country boy who has spent most of my life keeping quiet,watching and listening. Now I’m through listening to the left, now I am through watching them destroy America, and now I am taking action for America, my love, and my friends who dwell here and elsewhere.

I am a Tea Party Constitutional Conservative with Libertarian leanings, who is fed up with the weakness of the GOP establishment.

This great Nation was founded by people that included my family and I do not want to fail them or the Lord. My first great grandfather with documented proof of him being here, he came here in 1607, he was Captain James Davis/Davies I use his name on social media profiles in honor of him. He was quite the man! He was a Ancient Master Mariner, Ships Master, Owner, Navigator and Captain, Governor of the forts in Virginia, In Charge of the building of the 1st American built ship “The Virginia” He was Captain of the fort at the Sagadahoc Colony in Maine, when that colony failed, instead of going back to England with the rest of the colonists he went to Virginia. He is first recorded to have come to America 1607, many of my grandfather’s were ship captains and owners who brought the pilgrims, etc. to America.

“Our forefathers pledged their Sacred Honor,,they left us a Sacred Trust, “Sacred Honor” think about it, I’m sure you’ll come to the conclusion it truly IS Sacred, and it is a “Sacred Trust” they left us with, let us NOT FAIL to follow their example,,never has this Nation since the Civil War come to a crossroads where the differences are so STARK and so MANY, between the right and the left in this great Nation, the directions so different, as what we face today, at some point Compromise becomes Submission, I think we are at that point, Do we STAND with God, Freedom and our Forefathers or do we go the way of every Nation in the past, the way of oppression, government intrusion and slavery. Where only a few rule over the many instead of the many keeping the few in check.

God help us today AND in these times to STAND, STAND STRONG, and STAND RESOLUTE in our RESOLVE to uphold the BANNER of GOD and FREEDOM passed down to us by our forefathers, in Jesus name, the Creator of Freedom and Liberty

Who I am, Rob, son of my forefathers,

Constitutional Conservative, not a better country on earth. Live free or die, let the government workers and bureaucrats suffer for the policies they put in place that led us here. Not the people! Do not give me liberal talking points. I’ll keep my God, Guns and Freedom, you can keep your change.

Of Founders, patriots, natives, rebels, royals, martyrs and rogues, sometimes one and the same.

“No one people, have a market cornered on the suffering they endured or caused others themselves. We have no right to judge..”,(suffering caused by others) the only ones who may be able to hold that banner are the Jews

Not trying to force you to think or believe like me, (nor persuade even, not my business) telling you who “I” am, so you can use your own judgement as to whether you want to talk to me or respond to my threads.

I love my country (the way it was founded) I love the Lord Jesus, yes I said the Lord Jesus, I love the people and want them all to have a better life, though not on the backs of others.

My beliefs are set and they are strong, I say what I think, I speak the truth as I see it. If you have a problem with me talking about the Lord when talking about myself, I am sorry for you, HE IS MY LIFE!

Therefore be forewarned, I don’t want to hurt someones feelings ( But DO NOT ASK ME TO BE OTHER THAN WHO I AM, for you or anyone else.) in what I think about this country and who or what got us here. I will speak of it though, if someones tries to give me slanted history or take something out of context. Do not make comments you are not ready for my response on. I don’t mean to be or sound hard, I’m not really, however I can be on something I am passionate about.

I am the INFIDEL the MUSLIM seeks to destroy, the CHRISTIAN the ATHEISTS love to hate, the CONSERVATIVE the LIBERALS are afraid of, the VOICE the PRO-CHOICERS wish to silence, the PATRIOT the GLOBALISTS despise… I am THAT American!

It is very important for America to get back to its foundations in Christ Jesus. I write articles about history, original intent, and America.

These truly are times that try men’s souls, God help us all.