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Do You Have to Dry a Carpet After Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is a process that involves a series of sequential steps, and each one of these steps will be crucial for you to follow through with at this current point in time. If you think that you can get away with skimping out on any of the steps that need to be taken, suffice it to say that you are in for a rude awakening without a shadow of a doubt. Some tend to think that the follow up procedures that are necessary subsequent to carpet cleaning are less essential, but that is yet again an erroneous train of thought to pursue.

You see, after you do some intensive rug cleaning with hot water extractors and other machines, your rug will probably be damp. While it probably won’t get sopping wet thanks to the low water consumption of cleaning machines, it will still have some moisture within it that you need to purge. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you must definitely give your carpet some time to try, otherwise you run the risk of it developing a very unpleasant odor.

Moisture in a carpet can make it a very hospitable habitat for microbial entities which include bacteria. These microbes have metabolic processes, and just like our own metabolism these processes can put out some terrible smells. If your carpet smells somewhat moldy, chances are that you didn’t let it dry for long enough. Turning on a dehumidifier might enable you to avoid such outcomes, since it will strip all moisture from the room and evaporate dampness from the carpet fibers as well. It’s easy to prevent these things if you’re sensible.

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